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Our Services

We produce a comprehensive analysis of your client’s full financial pictures, evaluation of their ability to reach their goals, and recommendations to make that happen.

In addition, you will receive

  • high level Executive Summary with everything you need to know at your fingertips
  • Advisor ‘cheat sheet’, including new product opportunities identified in the plan

Ready to present with less than 15 minutes of review.

Core Plan


  • Cash flow — straightforward calculation
  • Net Worth
  • Goal Coverage for retirement
  • Current Investment analysis
  • Basic Estate analysis
  • Current + one scenario (where applicable)
  • Bullet point recommendations — templated
  • Client ready plan — emailed
  • Executive Summary — emailed
  • Advisor ‘Cheat Sheet’ — emailed
  • Plus any two add-ons of your choice



Insurance – Life and DI
Make selling insurance easy.  Illustrate the impact of a sudden death or disability and clearly show how your customers goals will be negatively impacted, and identify the amount of life and disability insurance needed to protect you client.

Insurance – CI
Determine insurance amount required to cover lump sum and income replacement amounts.  Clearly show how your customers goals will be negatively impacted, and identify the amount of critical illness insurance needed to protect you client.

Educational funding (one child and one goal)
Help your client plan for their child’s education.  Model education costs and savings strategies needed to meet that goal.  Correctly illustrate RESP contributions, CESG, and withdrawals.  Includes RESP withdrawal ‘fact sheet’ information so that your client has a record of the pertinent withdrawal rules and strategies.

Major purchase goal
Is your client savings for a large future purchase like a boat or around the world tour?  Show them their progress toward that goal and demonstrate savings strategies needed to live their dream.

Major investment strategy change (other than at retirement)
Illustrate a major change to investment strategy (asset allocation or specific products) at any point in your client’s life.  Show the effect, including projected taxation, of liquidating current holdings and re-allocating to the new strategy.

Additional Scenario
All plans include an analysis of your client’s current situation and a recommended scenario showing 100% goal coverage.  Want to show an alternative scenario?  Use this add-on to show your clients alternative ways to achieve their goals (for example, sell a property or change investment strategy).

Statement analysis (pension, insurance, annuity, benefits, segregated funds)
Don’t want to spend time reviewing your clients’ source documents?  With this add-on, we’ll do it for you.

Revision – requested by advisor
You’ve received your plan, complete to your specifications, but you’d like to make additional changes?  Following conversations with your clients you’d like to make some changes?  No problem – this add-on gives you one full revision of your plan, with as many changes as you want.

Coaching call for plan
In a one-on-one coaching phone call, Plan Pros will walk you through your plan, complete with tips for how to use your plan to engage your client in next-level conversations.


Custom Plan
Too many add-ons?  Complex planning needs?  Call for a custom quote.

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